Topographical Surveys

Highly detailed and precise surveys to every sector at affordable prices. 

A topographical (‘topo’) survey is the essential, primary dataset required for any planned development of an area, whereby all ground features, both natural and manmade, are mapped to cm-scale accuracy. The variety of equipment that we use enables us to fix our surveys to both national (Ordnance Survey) and local grids. The size of a survey is limitless, from individual plots to large wind farm developments. Clients that utilise our topos’ typically include architects, consulting engineers, planners, developers and designers.

The type of equipment we use will vary given the nature of the site and the ‘detail’ to be collected. On wide open sites, free from overhanging vegetation, the surveyor will utilise a GPS signal as there is a reduced likelihood that large obstacles will interfere with the survey. Where there are obstacles, the surveyor will use a robotic total station instrument, which measures horizontal/vertical angles and distances. A robotic total station can also survey inaccessible and remote objects such as eaves and ridge heights.

On larger sites, our surveyors will use a drone to improve efficiency and cut costs. More information in regards to how we utilise drone technology can be found under ‘Airborne (Drone) Surveys’ in our list of Services.



  • As-built surveys
  • Brownfield & greenfield
  • Drainage surveys
  • Flood risk surveys
  • Housing sites
  • Individual plots
  • Major infrastructure
  • Precise Monitoring
  • Quarries
  • Railways
  • Roads (incl. Motorways)
  • Site Sections

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